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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The artifacts of the Ancients

Personal Log: I am still looking at the data that we recorded from the sunken city. We found artifacts that are dated 3,500 years in the past. A dagger or"maybe a letter opener" said Lt. Berkhol, a bolean; and a bajoran clapper, which was used to mimic the sounds of hands clapping. Isn't it clever. What will they think of next? I wanted to have this picture as part of my mementos. We found a particular box which we have not been able to decipher yet, maybe sometime in the next week we will get a hint at what it is we are dealing with.

This week is going to be hard I have to keep all my relationships together and up to date. I have three romantic pursuers in my life, one Andorian, one Cardassian and another Bajoran. Well so many humanoids and so little time. At times I feel like I am in a time warp. I guess that is why I keep my time piece ahead some 5 to 10 minutes. The other day someone told me my timepice was out of sync. "It isn't", I replied. The perplexed looked in her face was not because of this answer, but the one that followed after. "Yes it's ahead, it is not in sync with the time." she added. I looked at her and said,"It is perfectly synchronized, I come from the future! " saying this I laughed and kept on walking. The look on her face was worth her weight in Gold Pressed Latinum.

End personal log entry encryption Alpha Phi Zeta, Ydan 4

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