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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Of Thunder and Lightning, may the prophets...!!!

Personal Log entry:

I am on a short visit to the Chamber of Ministers in Bajor's Capital. The air is so fresh and clean.
The sounds and scents of the seasonal rains abound everywhere. I remember, my grandmother will tell us the Prophets and the Pah Wraiths where fighting each other whenever thunder and lighting stroke. Scary tale to tell the young people, but it was the old ways of some people to instill fear in children.

One of my friends, who lives in the Kendra Valley has been sick. His life seems to be a turmoil of complexity. What can the prophets do? The prophets give and take, but they always listen. Our lives are linear, the prophets always are, the don't have past, present and future, it's all one tense.

One of the things that life shows us constantly is the simplicity of allowing the universal powers to provide for your needs Sometimes a step backward is in the right direction. We get so confused and unfocused. The ideas that only going forward is the thing to do is too constrictive. Thousands of years have gone by and no matter what we do or what we say the day still continues to be 26 hours.

Tomorrow I will see Vedek Nesal Nohj I believe it will be some time before we meet again. I am taking advantage of this situation and taking some needed shore leave that I deserve.
End Personal Log entry Alpha Delta Ydan 4

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